How to start your own Blog in 2019?

Are you still wondering on how to start your own blog in 2019? You might think that you are almost 20 years late that those who started their website way back in the year 2000. You are not the only person asking google on “How to start your own blog in 2019”. Approximately 135,000 individuals are doing this search every month.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

Out of 135,000, you are one of the chosen individuals to read my step by step guide on how to start your own blog in 2019. Sit back and fasten your seatbelt as we explore the easy and fastest on how to start your own blog in 2019.

In this guide, you will learn A. why do you need to start your own blog, B. How to pick a niche, C. What do you need to start your own blog, D. Where to buy Hosting and Domain, and E. A step by step installation of your blog.

A. Why do you need to start your own blog?

Starting your own blog is a really fun and exciting personal hobby. For those who are pessimistic in this venture, let me tell you something. Let me guess. You think that having a blog is all about writing. Right? Having a blog is like writing your daily diaries. Writing about your experience, your emotion, your daily trips, and all sort of writings.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

Let me tell you something. Having a blog is not necessarily pure writings. You can have a blog for your Favorite drawing collections, for your traveling experience (pictures), for your laboratory documentation, showcasing your personal portfolio, sharing your daily recipe to your readers and many more. Blogging is really fun if you just omit the things that keep you negative.

The coolest thing in blogging? You will learn to do things and will also improve your creativity in many ways. Your eagerness to start blogging will lead you to learn how to set up your own website for your blogging. How to design your own personal blog according to your mood. If you do a blog to showcase your pictures, you will learn and improve your Photoshop skills. You will learn how to set up your website from zero to advance skill. And of course, you will improve your writing skills as you move forward in your blogging

Build a Freelancing Skill

If you are planning to make your blogging for a living? They definitely, this will help you to become a starter freelancer. You might want to read how to become a freelancer and what are the best freelancing skills in 2019. As a freelancer, having your own personal blog will help you land a job faster than those who don’t. Your blog will now become your online portfolio for you to showcase to your future clients.

You can also earn while doing your blog. Google will track your personal blog and will put an advertisement for them to advertise and you will earn something from that. Is this not sound convincing yet? How about blogging your favorite hobby and share it with your reader? Your hobby or hobbies can be your prospect niche in starting your own blog.

B. Chose a Niche

To start your own blog, you need to have your desired niche. Yes, you read it right. You need to have your favorite topic to start your own blog. Why? Because having a blog is not a “1-month project” for you to finish. It is a lifetime personal project for you to keep, improve, and update.  Depending on your availability, you can have a daily, weekly, or monthly post to share in your personal blog. Doing this with your favorite niche will not bore you. Instead, you’ll enjoy as you see your blog and your blog visitors growing every month.

As you grow old, you will build memories for your kids and grandchild. This is a priceless amount of memories to share with them.

Having your own personal niche will also lead you to earn a profit. Say for instance you are a Gym enthusiast and you record your daily routine. As you move forward and gain muscles, you are now building your sleeping empire and waiting for the right time to start your business in Online Fitness Gym.

Let me guess, you are now thinking of a strategy on how to start your own business right? Slow down, you will learn that as you move forward reading my step by step guide.

If you think this is not for you, I’ll prove you wrong. Considering that you reach this part, it seems like I woke you up from being asleep and turn you into someone who plans to have your own personal blog. OK, let me tell you something. To start your own personal blog, consider to having the things you need to start your own blog.

C. What do you need to start your blogging

To start your own blogging, you need to have your online personal hub. In short, you need to have your website. You might ask me “How on earth will I do my personal website? Relax, no need to panic. Having your personal website is as easy as cooking an omelet. Of course, the ingredients are not the same as you prepared an omelet. You need your own Domain Name, Hosting, Your weekly plan, Creativity, and Perseverance.

1. Domain Name

This is the same as every person’s name. You should give your website a name for everyone to identify that it’s your personal website. In my case, it’s BarjunaidCadir.Com.

2. Hosting

You need the hosting service to see your website live. If you search your website name, you will see your website in the search engine. If you don’t have your hosting service, the only person who can see your website is you and the person next to your side.

3. Your Weekly Plan

Planning should be your daily and weekly routine. Just like your daily and weekly tasks planning, you need to have your weekly plan on things you need to do on your blog. You don’t want to waste your effort on creating your blog and having your own personal website and not doing anything. Part of your weekly plan, you need to set up at least a weekly task for your blog. Don’t dream of updating your blog daily unless you’re a full-time blogger. Once a week is more than enough to start your weekly plan. This is to avoid procrastination in your future plans.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

4. Creativity

Don’t think you are not creative enough to start your own blog. Every individual has his own unique creativity. Your creativity will help you design your website. Your creativity will help decide as to how will you showcase your personal uniqueness to your reader. You already submitted your 6th-grade project to your teacher. Considering your experience, you are much qualified to become a blogger on your own personal website.

5. Perseverance

I will not question you on this matter. Considering that you are still reading my step by step guide? You are more than a determined person. I really believe that you can have your own blog, set up in your own website, up and running within 1 week. Trust me. I am not joking. I see myself in you, learning while reading some other blogs 2 years ago. Who knows, your blog might be the next blog that my kids will be reading.

D. Where to buy Hosting and Domain

To secure your own domain and hosting, you can buy those in BCHosting, Bluehost, Godaddy, Inmotion, HostGator, Hostinger, FastComet, iPage, Dreamhost, NameCheap, Siteground, and many other web service providers available in the market. Don’t think that I am promoting their services. I need to mention these names for you to be aware on where will you buy your own hosting and domain.

When choosing a domain name for your blog, make sure to pick a name that relates to your niche. You don’t want a misleading name for your prepared niche. Say for instance blog for Food and Daily Home-Made Menu, your domain name must be like, You don’t want your domain name to be,, and any other names that are not associated with your niche. Choose a domain name that is short, simple, easy to remember, and known to everyone. Avoid using numbers, special characters, and unknown words. This is to increase your chance to be seen in the google search engine. Take this sample as a piece of advice. When I search the word “kitchen”, you can see the result of the google search engine. These websites have the word kitchen in their domain name.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

These websites also fix their Title tag and Meta Description to match the term Kitchen. So, every time people will search the word kitchen, your website will be part of the result. I will teach you how will you set this in the next step.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

E. Step by Step Installation

We are now one step behind in creating your own personal website. Reaching this far and reading my step by step guide is quite challenging. Considering that you met some terms, concepts, and ideas that might build space between you and your own website. But since I see your determination reading my guide, let me help you start your own website.

1. Buying your Hosting and domain

If you already decide as to which web service provider will you buy your hosting and domain, just visit their website and buy your hosting and domain name. For step by step guide, you can follow this step.

Visit the website of a web service provided and chose a package of hosting plan. I suggest you chose a Starter Plan since you are on the starting phase of your journey in your website hosting. You can always upgrade anytime if you think your current plan is not enough for your website.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

Most of the service provider offers a free domain name included in their package. This is something advantage instead of buying a domain name that usually worth $9 – $13 per year. Some service providers will offer you a lifetime free domain name. All you need to do is to enter your prepared domain name in their domain name search bar and search. In my case, I chose “”.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

So, you now have your selected domain name, just proceed by completing your Account information and completing the payment. When you’re done, let’s proceed to your cPanel. cPanel is your own personal Control Panel. You can install your website using this panel. Don’t worry, you already reach this far. I will not leave you here.

2. SSL Installation

Next, hover to your cPanel and let’s install your SSL First. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This will help you secure and safeguarding your site from criminals. In short, hackers. Some web hosting provides a free SSL Certificate to their client. In case you web hosting will not give you a free SSL Certificate, don’t worry. I will provide you for free. Just kidding 😊. Cloudflare provides a free SSL Certificate for you. For tutorial purposes, I will make a two-option tutorial. If your web hosting provider will provide you a free SSL Certificate, follow OPTION A. If your web hosting doesn’t have a Free SSL Certificate, follow OPTION B.

OPTION A (Hosting with Free SSL)

Hover to your cPanel and look for security features. Click Let’s Encrypt SSL.

In my case, you see my domain name and the “+ Issue” button. Click that button to issue an SSL Certificate for your website. Just click “issue” or the “OK” button on the next page and you’re done.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

NOTICE. If you see different settings from my picture, just leave your comment and I will try to help you on that matter.


OPTION B (Hosting with no free SSL)

Go to your domain section, click manage domain, click NameServer, click the option “Use custom nameservers” then write the highlighted text in the blank space.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

Next, go to, create your account and then log in to your account. After you log in your account, you will see the “add a site” button. Enter your domain name ( and click “add a site” button.

How to start your own Blog in 2019
How to start your own Blog in 2019
How to start your own Blog in 2019

We already did the process earlier. I just added the screen for you to follow. After you click continue. We’re done for the process.

3. Create your Professional Email

Before installing your website, create your professional email first. To create your professional email, go back to your cPanel and hover to Email Features. Click Email Accounts then click add an email account. 

Write the email that you want. In my case, I chose “”. Just write the word “info” in the space then enter your password then click “OK”. Now you have your own professional email.

How to start your own Blog in 2019
4. Installing WordPress

You already have your domain name, hosting, SSL Certificate (for those following OPTION B, just follow me), and the official email address of your website. Let’s install now the WordPress Application where the magic begins. Hover back to your cPanel and look for the Softaculous Apps Features and find the WordPress Logo.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

Click the logo to install WordPress Application then click install now Click install now. Follow the steps below.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

For those who are following OPTION A, select “https://” because you already have your SSL Certificate. For those who are following OPTION B, select “http://” if you cannot select “https://” .

Edit the following information based on your website. For your username and password, make sure not to USE the word ADMIN in your username. Most of the hacked websites were using admin in their username. Make your username and Password unique to you and not to everyone. Make sure to keep it safe. If you can memorize it much better. For the admin email, write the email that we created in Step 3.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

For your Database Name, write the word website. This is for you to recognize easily your Database Name. You will need this later but not now. Then follow the setup below.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

Softaculous Apps usually have their themes for you to choose. You can choose any free themes for your website. Explore these so you can choose the right themes for your website. You can see the demo website by clicking the themes then click demo. For this step by step guide, I will not choose any theme here. Then click Install.

5. Customizing Theme

You just installed your WordPress application. We will now customize your theme. Follow all the steps. Go to Appearance, then themes, then click add new.

Click features filter and follow the checkbox below. After checking the box, click apply filter.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

For this guide, I chose AGAMA themes. You can explore any themes that you want for your website. You can also follow and familiarize the steps now and then change your theme after this tutorial. In this case, you will do the application by yourself. Now click the themes and install. After installing, click Activate.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

Next, go to Appearance, then menu, then click Create New Menu. Name your New Menu Name. For this purpose, I will use My Personal Menu. Then click Create Menu.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

Then click View all, check the HOME checkbox, then click add to the menu. Check the two boxes then click save.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

Next go to Appearance, then click Customize. Then click SITE IDENTITY, then GENERAL. Edit the text box based on your specification. In my case, I will use my website information. Follow the steps below. Click the back button if you want to go back to the main option. Don’t forget to click PUBLISH to save your setting. You can also click the Pencil Button to edit the settings you want to change.

If you click the pencil, you will be redirected to that particular setting. Again, edit the settings you want to edit. You can add or remove an image. To add an image, just upload the image. Again, always remember to click PUBLISH to update your website. Explore everything in the settings. You can edit everything and see the changes automatically. Enjoy your exploration. If you have some question, just write in the comment section. 

6. Creating Post

Now we’re done with customizing your website, let’s create your First blog post. Go back to the main setting and click the X box on the Top Left Corner of your screen. Again, don’t forget to publish your changes to save it.

You will be redirected to your back-end dashboard. Click the POST menu. We will delete all the existing post and we will create our own post. To delete the existing post, follow the steps below.

How to start your own Blog in 2019
How to start your own Blog in 2019

Write the Title of your Blog and write a small content of your Blog. Write as many as you can. You can add other features by clicking the “Plus (+)” button. To add a picture, click the + button.

How to start your own Blog in 2019

After uploading your picture, you can now publish it and see the preview. Now you have your First blog. To view your website, just open a browser and write your domain name and press enter. You can explore everything and do any changes you want. Just don’t forget to Click the UPDATE or PUBLISH button.

How to start your own Blog in 2019


Now your website is up and running and you have your first blog post on your own personal website. See how simple it was to start your own blog in 2019.

Acquiring new skills are as easy as 5 steps. After reading all the steps, you already learn the basic of how to create and design your own Website, install security feature, managing your weekly plan, and creating your own personal blog.

You just learn the basic of how to manage your own website. You now have the 4 basic skills in your portfolio; Writing/Blogging, Website Development, Website designing, and Content Management.

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